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Realiti Wiki, the movie -posted April 15, 2005Edit

Tanner's movie Realiti Wiki is worth viewing in the Dinner and a Movie on Real Life Soap Wiki. Even JWSchmidt, our participant of the week, was very much impressed. See the Quicktime movie yourself at

Google Real Life Soap Wiki is reaching the top!

Tanner has taken the bait -posted April 14, 2005Edit

Being awarded participant of the week status, JWSchmidt has been given a challenging assignment. It seems Tanner has taken the bait. He is actively participating and will host a Dinner and a Movie tomorrow, Friday 8 pm, in the Dining Room. JWSchmidt is considering posting to several chatboxes. You can start participating in a Real Life Soap Wike today:

One Week! -posted April 11, 2005Edit

One week into Real Life Soap Wiki. Participants in Real Life Soap are motivated to become rich or to become famous. We have a participant of the week: John W. Schmidt. John earned eternal fame by becoming the first ever participant in a Real Life Soap on Internet which Real Life Soap Wiki is and earns eternal fame for becoming the first ever participant of the week in Real Life Soap Wiki. John is cute, humorful and has a wild fantasy. You can start interacting with this universal famous person right now and become as famous as well. What will your fortune bring? Bring your fortune and share it on Real Life Soap Wiki. Your participation will definitely return a fortune to you!

URL! -posted April 11, 2005Edit

The link is

Welcome to the Blog on Real Life Soap Wiki -posted April 10, 2005Edit

Real Life Soap Wiki started April 4, 2005.

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